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Now that you've chosen Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge for your Alaska vacation destination, you probably have a few questions. Please call us toll free at 800.334.8730, or via email if that is more convenient. We are happy to help! After living and working here in Alaska for over 30 years, we've answered a lot of questions about the Last Frontier.

While weather in Alaska can be extreme at times, the summer months are suprisingly mild and, if you're in luck, downright warm! On average, July is the warmest month in Seward, Alaska. The highest recorded temperature in Seward was 95 degrees during August in 1966; the lowest recorded temperature was -19 below during the winter of 1977.

 CityAvg High Temp
Avg Low Temp
Anchorage55-65 deg41-52 deg
Cooper Landing58-68 deg40-46 deg
Seward56-62 deg44-50 deg
Denali55-70 deg40-53 deg