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About Us

Alaska Wildland Adventures and AWA's Chief Exploration Officer, Kirk Hoessle, were recently featured in 61 Degrees North, an Alaska magazine published by the Anchorage Daily News. Click here to read the story and learn more about AWA's origins and philosophy.

Alaska is our home and we're excited to share its natural wonders with you. Though there are many tour operators and remote lodges throughout Alaska, we are unique in our style of high quality, small group, interactive trips. At Alaska Wildland Adventures, our core purpose is to provide for our guests the highest quality small group, interactive experience with wild Alaska without compromising ~ or overemphasizing ~ comfort. Further, we do it in a manner that involves a spirited interpretation of the natural world and a constant care and concern for the environment. Over the past 30+ years of exclusively developing tours in Alaska, we've cultivated a participatory style of travel that allows our guests to experience the natural beauty of wild Alaska without compromising comfort.

We've continued that philosophy at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. Built to celebrate and respect Kenai Fjords National Park, the Glacier Lodge's unique location offers guests an unprecedented vantage point of Alaska's spectacular seacoast. We're proud of the accomplishments we've made as a company ~ and our efforts in wilderness preservation and ecotourism ~ so that Alaska can be enjoyed for generations to come. Lodge activities emphasize appreciative exploration of the Kenai Fjords; guests may choose from guided sea kayaking, guided or unguided nature walks, taking part in naturalist programs or simply strolling along the miles of pristine beachfront. Experience unforgettable, off-the-beaten-path adventures each day before relaxing in the rustic elegance of a full-service lodge and private cabins each night. Inspired, authentic and unlike any other lodge you will find, Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge offers the wild Alaska seacoast in style.

To find out more about Alaska Wildland Adventures' business values and beliefs, visit the Why Us? page.