Environmental Commitment

Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge was developed with efforts to minimize the impact on the natural area and is managed with a strong commitment to ecological sensitivity. By providing so many diverse and engaging activities at one ideal location, the Glacier Lodge reduces the energy footprint of travel. Additionally, the total number of guests at the lodge is limited to minimize environmental impact.

Guest education is another important component; KFGL guests receive education in “Leave No Trace” practices, which strive to leave no signs of impact on land that is home to a variety of wildlife. Guests also have the opportunity to take part in local native culture and naturalist programs. By practicing this style of ecotourism, both management and guests at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge help ensure that the natural resources that form the basis for tourism in Alaska remain wild, diverse and intact far into the future.

The lodge and guest cabins reside within the Native-owned, 1,700 acre Pedersen Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary. These heritage lands, owned by Port Graham Corporation (PGC), an Alaska Native Village Corporation, represent a small portion of the ancestral homeland of the Alutiiq people that once lived along and roamed the entire coast of Southcentral Alaska. AWA and PGC entered into a collaborative agreement to develop Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. Together, Alaska Wildland Adventures and Port Graham Corporation are working to preserve and protect the rich ecological values of the area through cooperative management of national park and corporation lands.