Welcome to Alaska Wildland Adventures! We love talking about our unique and award-winning style of travel, but nothing beats seeing with your own eyes. Check out our latest videos - we hope to host you soon!

Immerse yourself in the wild delights of Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge with these other short introduction videos. 

The below videos were shot and edited by Glacier Lodge guide Hugh Denno from his summer-long collection of footage.

Warning: This video may inspire you to travel to Alaska immediately! This video highlights footage from an entire summer at the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge! There are more than 100 images in this video perfectly sequenced to show the breadth and depth of the experiences to be had with Alaska Wildland Adventures. Come on up and get some northern exposure for your self. The grander and solitude that Kenai Fjords National Park has to offer makes this a world class destination where we can ponder our interconnected nature and humble places in the world.

This video highlights the wide variety of Alaskan wildlife and scenery you could encounter on your half-day boat ride form Seward to the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. The lodge is located in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park, and the boat ride is just the beginning of your adventure.

Explore Alaska’s stunning remote wilderness by canoe, kayak or foot, with expert naturalists leading the way; or, enjoy some quiet time in a rocking chair overlooking a protected lagoon. You’ll revel at the natural environment outdoors and take comfort at the lodge’s many indoor amenities. This exclusive destination combines adventure and relaxation perfectly.

After a full day of traveling and excitement, it’s nice to know that you have a great place to rest and prepare for upcoming wilderness adventures. Our cabins were designed to blend into the landscape; it’s easy to forget they’re even there while exploring the surrounding areas. Each cabin offers splendid scenic vistas and private decks. Keep an eye open for curious sea otters and seals in the lagoon outside your cabin!

After your lodge and guest cabin orientation, it is time to head out on your first adventure: exploring Pedersen Lagoon by canoe. Your guides are well versed in natural history and are very excited to introduce the wildlife that seems to concentrate in this glacially carved tidal lagoon. We can’t guarantee sunny skies but we can guarantee an unforgettable experience!

After a long day of wilderness adventures in Alaska, nothing hits the spot like happy hour and dinner. This video focuses on the inside of the lodge and the amenities we have to offer such as: the lounge area; a library; a bar that offers beer and wine; and a family style dining experience that providing a great opportunity to meet other travelers from all around the world.

If you are interested in hiking, this video offers an insider’s perspective to hiking opportunities at the lodge. We offer natural history focused walks as well as more adventurous hikes. If you desire a stroll through the rainforest or a climb up a mountain, we have a variety of hikes that will satisfy your activity goals.

The canoe and hike to Pedersen glacier is one of our most popular adventures. Though not strenuous, the reward is beyond belief. Although Pedersen Glacier is technically a tidewater glacier, it is very different than the thundering giants many of us imagine. It is a very quiet and slow moving glacier, which provides both an inspiring and reflective experience. If you have forgotten the importance of our National Parks or need to be recharged by the amazing beauty, this adventure will give you all you need and more.

Sea kayaking can be intimidating with the wind, waves, boat traffic and other variables you encounter out on the sea. The solution? Our very relaxing yet exciting kayak around Pedersen Lagoon. Suitable for any experience levels, this kayak adventure offers the chance to paddle around with a partner and explore at your own pace. Our guides are in close range to assist with any natural history or kayaking questions you may have.

People have been sea kayaking in the waters of Kenai Fjords National Park for thousands of years. Native Alaskans of this area used to paddle these waters hunting for food. They named the bay Aialik, which means a place of surprise. You will have a better understanding of its name once you have had your own the chance to paddle these majestic waters. Weather permitting, we offer a few different kayak trips in the bay. Make sure you get a chance to enjoy at least one of them and take place in this timeless tradition of Alaskan sea kayaking.

Looking for a more relaxed adventure? If so, then it’s a good time to meander on our beach walk. The tidal areas provide great opportunities for beach combing and sunset walks. You can do this as a guided hike or on your own.

This video highlights the abundant wildlife which lives near Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. In addition to being the only lodge located inside Kenai Fjords National Park, the lodge is surrounded by the protected lands and waters of Pedersen Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary. This area hosts an array of Alaskan wildlife, with unparalleled wildlife viewing encounters.